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Our Solutions

IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy is needed to formulate a long-term strategy for your IT system. It involves network infrastructure, server consolidation, business continuity and disaster recovery. It also addresses a problem afflicting many businesses. Their own internal IT staff being unable to do the jobs they are best trained for. Those jobs are the ones which bring most benefit your company.

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IT Support

At RVS IT, we specialise in improving performance and driving down costs at the same time, via our Managed IT Support Services, we take responsibility for any aspect of your support.We deliver your services in a highly professional manner based on ITIL Best Practice when and where you need them, whether you operate standard office hours or are an ‘always-on’ business.

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Whitelabel IT Support 24X7

Whitelabel IT Support from RVS-IT is an end-to-end service that deploys our skilled IT staff based at our offshore office in India who work purely for you on a flexible basis, cost effectively and under your management control. We handle all aspects of matching, delivering and maintaining the correct level of resource requirement. This includes technical testing, training, performance review and guaranteed capacity levels.

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IT Project Management

Corporate-wide IT projects such as Microsoft Windows, Exchange and Office upgrades are always challenging.More challenging are the projects which have to be planned, implemented and delivered in a 24×7 working environment. RVS-IT has huge experience in managing and delivering IT projects right from planning stage to delivering to the client. This is where RVS-IT can help.                             

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